Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I have had enough

Okay, so today has been a complete and utter waste of my life. I mean seriously, it just takes the piss. So, i collect all of my drawings and what not last night all ready to scan arrange and add the sound to today so that i make sure i have my fully sorted animatic. But oh no... thats not ok for my computer because when i awake it doesnt fucking work. Thats right, the wonderful ntldr is missing message comes up, which is wonderful. I was pretty sure my windows was screwed anyway, so, install a new copy, everything is going ok and then BOOM, try to turn it on and no information gets sent to the screen. Your thinking, oh yay an error, Ofcourse its a wonderful CMOS error and i have to completely wipe that. Upon doing so, i get another NTLDR error and have to reinstall over the 2 hour old new copy of Windows. Now this would be fine, if, when i finished sorting out my new OS all happy with everything installed my scanner wont work, not only that but i steal Karls, and his wont work. So i am trying to scan everything in to put onto my USB stick and Collate the final Animatic, but alas no.... I have now spent 2 hours trying to get it to work and i just give up. It just doesnt want me to get this finished in time.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Shinigami Eyes

For those who have not heard of or seen the Japanese animation Deathnote, within it there is a special trade, in which a person can trade half of their remaining lifespan to see the names and lifespans of everyone they see. This is another reference point in which inspired me towards my final storyline. A very cool yet costly ability.
In an earlier post I mentioned a Nickelback song video, which utilised a very similar idea to me, so much so that it is almost identical. However I have decided to strive on, because I hope to make my animation more bittersweet and darker than the happy portrayal of saving someones life within the video.

What i like about the video is the numbers and how they are shown. The long orange digital numbers, floating about the peoples heads are exactly how i imagined my timers to be, if not slightly easier to comprehend. One such number is 21.243.542.04, with the last two digits being split seconds it is hard to assume what the rest of it means. However as an old lady dies, it shows the second set of numbers to be seconds. Upon viewing this, 542 would be just over nine minutes. This seems a rather complicated way of showing it, and I believe having seconds as the smallest measure of time would be better, and alot easier for me.


Well, I thought it was about time I made use of this blog. New Year has hit me pretty hard and I feel that it is time for me to make some drastic changes, mainly to my work ethic. First and foremost of this is updating my blog with all my thoughts and inspiration.

My story, Time of Death, has mainly been inspired by ideals portrayed in films such as the Butterfly Effect and Final Destination.

Within The Butterfly Effect, it is shown how changes in the course of fate can have huge adverse effects on the future, having a ripple effect growing and growing in size. This idea of Cause and Effect is what I wish to harness, to show that no one action goes unoticed, that how the littlest of actions that go against the natural flow have an effect somewhere along a timeline.

Final destination as a film portrays a certain feeling of impending doom, a fate that can not be escaped. I liked the idea that by cheating death, it followed the chracters around, slowly picking them off in the order that they should have died. This inevitable end for the characters inspired my story in the way that some things cannot be avoided, and if they are somehow that it is never unpunished.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Feeling down...

So yeah, I was quite happy with my work, happy with the story that i eventually came out with, but these good things don't last for long. My first post has to be a depressing one, as I was told today by my girlfriend that the Nickelback video for Savin' me basically IS my story, minus the killing, because it has to be all friendly and what not.

Either way, they have done a pretty good job at what i am aiming to do, so here it is - Clicky